Friday, June 15, 2012

morning coffee

In this video i used design in making my morning cup of coffee. I used repetition and arrangement to make this cup of coffee just the way i like it. I also used variety in this by using different types of sugar and creamer to make my morning coffee.

pull ups

In this video i show design by working out doing pull-ups to create a good physique. I used repetition through my workout to gain the best results. I also used balance to hold my self up during sets to get the best results from the pullups.

my look design

In this video i show my way of design through my exterior appearance in using order i created my outfit for the day. I also used variety in this video to make a my appearance in the morning.

mad dance design

In this video i was putting a picture up on the wall and smashed my finger. This video is descriptive of how i danced off the pain i felt when smashing my finger. I used design elements to create a mad dance. I used rythm for the dance to perform a mad dance when i smashed my finger.

trimming bush to shape a mushroom

In this photo i used design to trim and shape up a ligustrum bush to form a shape of a mushroom. I used design and shape to make this turn into a mushroom form. I used repeating steps to keep the shape consistant. I also used balance in the photo because i had to balance the bush so it looked even. I also used proportion to make it the size it needed to be.

retaining wall design for client

These photos represent my landscaping design for a customer that i do on a daily basis. I used repetition on this project for building a wall. I also used creativity and color to contrast against the house and trim and the front lawn to create a custom designed border. I also used balance to make the wall even throughout so it was level and looked good. There in the last photo i used a focal point in the wall.

sandwich design

in this video i designed my sandwich from publix for lunch. I used repetition because i get this sub every-time so they designed the sub the way i get it. I also used variety with designing my sub because i used a variety of things to make up my sandwhich. Also used proportion to make it as big as i wanted.